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Rainham, Essex


Lucy Rae Photography is based in Rainham, Essex UK.

Newborn & Children's Photographer. Highly recommended from clients, working in a cosy and welcoming environment to document portraits to cherish for a lifetime. 


The Blog

This is a very personal blog that I have used to document our pregnancy journey through 2018 up to now. Please have a read and feel free to leave any comments, as long as they are positive!

Pricing & why it's important

Lucy Monnoyer


Whatever product it may be whether its clothing, beauty, hair or photographs we always wants to know how much something is going to cost. Of course we do, we are human and we work to earn a living to pay for the things we need and want. I wanted to blog about the cost of a photoshoot and why it's important.

I came across someone the other day - not a client - and we briefly discussed photography and they said how EVERY photographer was quoting a few hundred pound for what this said person was after. The reason they was fishing around and enquiring with different photographers was because they wanted to pay super cheap for a particular product, which I can understand we all have budgets. But then they made a comment which didn't sink in until later on that day when I really thought about what they said "I don't know how they (photographers) can get away with charging prices like they do?!".

Photography is a form of art, and when working with children and especially newborns, it isn't just a case of point and shoot. Being a children's photographer means so many other things, other than just 'taking a couple of photos'. So much goes into a photoshoot, the prep before hand, the messages back and forward to the client, props, patience, time, care and passion goes into the job, we are working with your newborn babies and precious children - why would you want someone to 'just take a couple of photos', if only it were that simple. 

Being a photographer is a job, so yes we need to make a living and the cost of a photoshoot isn't plucked out of thin air. Research and time goes into pricing and coming up with a number that reflects how much your work is worth - that's not an easy job trust me! 

Your photographs are a physical memory that you can hold and look at for a lifetime, a moment frozen in time, capturing your little one's in a moment you will never get back. A photoshoot is a luxury product and something special for all the family to enjoy, and cherish the end product of your photographs to hang on the walls of your home. So please consider the end product when choosing your photographer, for whichever photoshoot it may be, do your research because you need to love their portfolio and what they do!