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Rainham, Essex


Lucy Rae Photography is based in Rainham, Essex UK.

Newborn & Children's Photographer. Highly recommended from clients, working in a cosy and welcoming environment to document portraits to cherish for a lifetime. 


The Blog

This is a very personal blog that I have used to document our pregnancy journey through 2018 up to now. Please have a read and feel free to leave any comments, as long as they are positive!


Lucy Monnoyer



My first blog post and hopefully many more to follow, giving you all the low down and engrossing you as much as I can in reading my weekly diary of being a Newborn & Children's Photographer.

Baby Jacob visited my studio last week for his newborn session that his mummy won from my Facebook competition a few months back. Jacob came along with his big brother Brandon who is the sweetest little boy and did such a good job at posing with his little brother. 

I absolutely love capturing newborn and sibling shots, it really is one of those special memories that happen in a persons life which need to be documented.  Brandon gave me his biggest, cheesiest grin while his baby brother slept peacefully next to him, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I had no pee's or poops from Jacob throughout the whole session, something I must add tends to happen very frequently and I am used to. So to not need a change of clothes for myself or change the blankets, it was even more lovely, but hey it's all part of the glamorous job I have as a newborn photographer! 

I'm hoping to get some more behind the scenes for you guys, for those that don't have an idea of how a newborn session works, where it's shot, what goes into it, this will all follow! In my blog posts you will find my weekly sessions, my studio, tips and my own personal experience. I must apologise in advance for my poor writing skills, I'm almost positive I am dyslexic - something in the family, but my sister would say I am over reacting and only she can have this.