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Rainham, Essex


Lucy Rae Photography is based in Rainham, Essex UK.

Newborn & Children's Photographer. Highly recommended from clients, working in a cosy and welcoming environment to document portraits to cherish for a lifetime. 


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This is a very personal blog that I have used to document our pregnancy journey through 2018 up to now. Please have a read and feel free to leave any comments, as long as they are positive!

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Newborn Safety and Training

Lucy Monnoyer

This is a long awaited post on my behalf, I have put off blogging for a while and I need to regulate it on a weekly basis for sure. This is one of the most important factors in the newborn photography industry - training and baby safety.  

Whether you are choosing myself as your newborn photographer or someone else, please take into consideration - is your baby going to be safe? Do your research, check the photographers website - are they part of any associations such as BANPAS or The Guild? BANPAS stands for Baby And Newborn Photography Association who are a group of photographers that support newborn safety and check whether their members are carrying out their sessions with the babies safety as their no.1 priority.

I find that the majority of people do not know what to expect from a newborn session, how the photos are taken, how long the session lasts and how the babies are handled. If you're intrigued to know then ask your photographer, after all you are trusting them with a brand new life you have just brought into this world, you ought to know if your baby is going to be safe. 

As a newborn photographer, I don't do anything that will put your baby at risk, or leave them unattended in a prop at any time. Everyone has to start somewhere in the industry, so I understand for parent's if you choose to go with a photographer who is just starting out, just please make sure that advanced posing - such as the froggy pose - is not being practiced in an unsafe manner. 

There are plenty of training days, courses and workshops that can be found online, if you are a photographer reading this and you are interested in training then how about looking to someone who's work you have followed for a while, someone you admire and who's style you love. Training can be a little pricey, but look at it as an investment in your business, I have attended a couple of training days myself and both have given me so much insight I would not look back. My recent training day with Rob Mank was fantastic, I learned so much from him and he is an incredibly talented photographer. I went from natural light to studio flash after seeing how Rob worked, and feel so much more confident in my workflow now. 

There have been a few articles of late about newborn safety during a photoshoot, and I think this can only be a positive factor for the public to see just how important it is. So please, if you are considering booking a newborn photoshoot whether it be with myself or another photographer then do your research! I understand having a budget may also be a part of choosing but has your budget photographer done their training? Are they taking into consideration your babies safety at such a low cost of shoot? Photographers who charge a lot for their photoshoots do so for reasons such as their experience, training, cost of their equipment, insurance etc. So please, take a number of factors into consideration when choosing your newborn photographer, and if you have any queries about how they may work or their environment then give them a call and be in the know. 

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Top image is the finished product, the images below are examples of baby in a prop with a spotter at arms length at all times.